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Matt Vespa - Sat Nov 21

unconstitutional. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Sun Aug 2

*angry face* *sad face* *confused face* ... more Staff - Fri Aug 1

People respond to the Palmer decision. ... more

Heather Ginsberg - Thu Aug 29

While everyone is distracted with budget battles and the unrest in the Middle East, the White House announced two new gun control measures today. ... more

Steve Chapman - Thu Feb 14

The debate on gun control lately has been going like this: Liberals propose various restrictions on allowable firearms, acceptable owners and approved ammunition. Conservatives exclaim, "Second Amendment!" And the debate, at least in the mind of the latter group, is over. ... more

Chris W. Cox - Mon Jul 18

In 2009, at the behest of the Obama administration, the United States joined 152 other countries in endorsing a U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Resolution. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Tue Mar 15

President Obama published an op-ed in my college town newspaper, Tucson’s Arizona Daily Star, over the weekend calling for more enforcement of current gun laws. ... more

Ken Klukowski - Sat Jan 8

The Second Amendment is a whole new ballgame in the aftermath of recent Supreme Court decisions. The NRA is taking a leading role in many lawsuits now underway by bringing in top-tier lawyers from the Reagan administration, as the biggest battles over gun rights now move into the courtroom. ... more

Jacob Sullum - Wed Mar 18

Less than a day after Michael McLendon fired his last shot, gun control groups issued press releases that cited his murderous rampage through three Alabama towns as an argument for reviving the federal "assault weapon" ban. ... more