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Rachel Marsden - Tue Apr 10

By now you've likely heard about the infamous Las Vegas convention bash during which federal civil servants at the General Services Administration indulged in various frivolities to the tune of $823,000 of your money. That conference featured, among other things, a hired professional clown -- which is like Picasso hiring some guy from out of the Yellow Pages to paint a mural. ... more

America - Tue Apr 10

Another music video from the Government Services Administration. Did they ever even pretend to do actual work? ... more

Lurita Doan - Mon Apr 9

The recent exposé of clowns and mind-readers as critical support elements of government training at a U.S. General Services (GSA) conference in Las Vegas has served as a politically expedient way for Barack Obama to pretend to be tough on the issue of wasteful spending. ... more

America - Fri Apr 6

An employee for the GSA, the general service administration, mocked the government waste that occurs there. ... more