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Regardless of cost or inconvenience, the Big Apple will soon be the green utopia the mayor apparently dreams about. ... more

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Ready for the next Solyndra? If you haven’t heard of GreenTech Automotive, that’s going to change. And fast. ... more

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Every religion needs a creed. A set of beliefs that its followers can adhere to. A flag they can rally around in good times and bad. ... more

Dalton Vogler - Wed Feb 6

Paul Driessen - Sun Jan 13

Policy integrity. Ethical culture. Environmental protection. Environmental defense. Friends of earth. Defenders of wildlife. Not just their names, but their charter, culture and policies – their very being – represent a commitment to these profound values. Or so we are supposed to believe. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Wed Aug 29

While all eyes were on the Republican National Convention in Tampa and Hurricane Isaac on the Gulf Coast, the White House was quietly jacking up the price of automobiles and putting future drivers at risk. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Wed May 23

Robert Knight - Wed May 9

What do Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico have in common? They comprise the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region VI. They also constitute the core of America’s energy production, especially oil. ... more

NYC - Thu Apr 26

$40 light bulbs, paper made from elephant dung, William Ayers, green beds.... ... more

Lurita Doan - Mon Feb 27

Over the past ten years, Democrats have held a singular belief that almost all problems in America could be solved with more regulations and more oversight. Team Obama came to power and a Democrat-led congress immediately pushed through reams of new regulations. ... more

Los Angeles, CA - Tue Feb 21

Wonder why the drastic price hikes at the pump? Clue: It has to do with the Obama administration's green agenda and market manipulation by the oil companies. ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Jan 5

It proved as hard to break up the bankrupt European Union as it was to create it. For all the hundreds of stories predicting the imminent end of the union, insolvent Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain still hung in. ... more

Kelvin Kemm - Sun Dec 18

British Lord Christopher Monckton parachuting into Durban, South Africa, to challenge UN climate crisis claims, brought numerous journalists and onlookers to the beaches where he landed. ... more

Mark W. Hendrickson - Thu Nov 17

A barrage of news headlines on the Solyndra scandal continue to remind us that President Obama made green jobs one of his administration’s priorities. ... more

Paul Driessen - Tue Oct 25

This Mann-made global warming lawsuit could backfire on the Penn State alarmist. Support science, energy and freedom – donate to Dr. Tim Ball’s legal defense fund. ... more

Erika Johnsen - Thu Oct 6

I have often proclaimed that I am an avid anti-environmentalist, and ergo, many therefore accuse me of being a greedy, willfully ignorant, lazy environment-neglecter. But clearly, there is a major disconnect here, because you would be hardpressed to find another individual who loves and wants to conserve the quality of the great outdoors, our natural resources, and the planet in general, than myself. ... more

Paul Driessen - Sat Oct 1

Hydraulic fracturing sends “huge volumes of toxic fluids” deep underground at high pressure, to fracture shale rock and release natural gas, Food & Water Watch claims. “Billions of gallons of toxic fluids” will “contaminate” groundwater and drinking water “for generations.” We need to “Ban Fracking Now.” ... more

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