Great Depression on Townhall

Bill Tatro - Fri Sep 30

It was only logical to show that both parties could and would be bi-partisan. Who to make the whipping boy for both parties? None other than China. ... more

Peter Ferrara - Mon Sep 26

If you work hard, play by the rules, save your money, create jobs, and make a success out of yourself, President Obama and the Democrat party will plunder everything you have worked so hard for, because in their view that is only fair. ... more

Salena Zito - Sun Sep 18

Another wave is coming, Washington – and “the ‘ins’ may be thrown out, and the ‘outs’ may be thrown in,” according to Michael Genovese, Loyola University political-science professor. ... more

Jeff Carter - Sat Sep 17

Main Street wants to string the banks up and let them hang. I don’t blame them. However, there are a lot more folks that deserve to be on the platform with them. Accomplices to the crime you might say. ... more

Thomas Sowell - Wed Sep 14

Some people are hoping that President Obama's plan will get the economy out of the doldrums and start providing jobs for the unemployed. Others are hoping that the Republicans' plan will do the trick. ... more

Mike Adams - Mon Sep 12

On the mantle above my fireplace there sits an old picture of my grandfather, Joe Dee Adams, Sr. The picture was taken some time during the Great Depression when he was a professional musician. It was actually his promo picture for the radio show he hosted on WSGN in Birmingham, Alabama. In it, he is holding an old Gibson acoustic guitar. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Thu Sep 1

Like most Americans during this three-day holiday, I come to praise labor, not actually do any of it. Has there ever been a people that sermonized more about the importance of the work ethic -- but was so enamored of labor-saving devices? ... more

Craig Steiner - Mon Aug 29

We simply cannot continue to act like nothing is wrong. We have very big problems--most of them structural--that have formed over the course of decades and, unfortunately, we no longer have the luxury of fixing them with small adjustments over decades. We have just years to fix them, maybe less. The co-chairs of Obama's deficit commission back then stated we probably have less than two years. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Sat Aug 13

Prior to the Great Financial Crisis I had a bet with "Heli-Ben", a staunch hyperinflationist who insisted we would hyperinflation before deflation. I won the bet but have not yet received my prize, a "crying towel" from "Heli-Ben". ... more

Steve Chapman - Wed Aug 10

It's a steamy August day, and the candidate arrives shortly after high noon for an outdoor rally in full sun. But bounding off the campaign bus, she is smiling broadly, and no wonder: It's a good day to be Michele Bachmann. ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue Aug 9

My father was a product of the Great Depression and World War II. Like so many others of his generation, he, like his parents before him, knew how to "do without." ... more

Bill Tatro - Fri Aug 5

Most people have an image of the 1930’s and the Great Depression as a time period of monumental job loss, vast family dislocation, widespread famine, and severe uncertainty. The typical head of household toiled daily in order to put bread on the table and keep a roof over their family’s head. New clothes were a luxury and an automobile was in many instances, way out of reach. ... more

Tony Blankley - Wed Aug 3

The debt deal, if it sticks, is a triumph for the bipartisan, status quo-clinging Washington establishment. Here is a prediction: Between now and January 2013, total actual spending cuts will be minimal. ... more

Jack Bouroudjian - Sat Jul 16

When the treasury secretary of the United States makes a statement like that, it’s time for him to go. To be so glib about the very thing that it is his job to fix tells me Geithner is unequivocally unfit to lead. ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Jul 13

Sarah Palin doesn’t deserve the ridicule she receives from the mainstream media, nor does she merit the adulation she inspires from her legions of fans. The over-reaction on each side feeds the super-heated response on the other. ... more

Jon Sanders - Mon Jul 11

It costs a lot of money to throw this many Americans out of work. The stimulus costs $814 billion, according to the CBO. In essence, we are spending about $340,000 for each net new person put out of work since the stimulus passed. ... more

John Ransom - Sun Jun 26

Lots of energy on the message boards this week. We talk Libyan energy, domestic energy, we make windmills out of molehills and I prove that liberals ought to stick to reading history, not writing about it. ... more

Terry Paulson - Mon Jun 20

Even in a crowded metropolitan area like Los Angeles, if the local news covers a story about a family in need, the response is heart-warming, overwhelming, and immediate. In America, you are not alone. Americans care, and they put that caring into action. ... more Staff - Thu Jun 9

Jeff Jacoby - Wed Apr 13

To convey their disdain for the ongoing Republican pressure to reduce federal spending -- pressure that led to the recent agreement with President Obama for $38 billion in cuts in the current fiscal year -- critics have been reaching back eight decades for what they seem to regard as the ultimate in fiscal put-downs. ... more