Governor Chris Christie on Townhall

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie refused to answer any questions on Hostess' closings, claiming the press was trying to set him up. ... more

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Proving yet again that its first principles and ideas that drive people to become Republicans, almost in spite of itself the GOP has an emerging generation of leaders that seem dramatically superior to the current one. ... more

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I was in Las Vegas Friday night as the guest of the conservative Citizen Outreach organization. We got to talking about the importance which may be visited upon the Nevada caucuses this year which, on the GOP side of the ledger has never been that big a deal. ... more

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New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie probably had more suitors than Portia in Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" and yet in the end he made the right decision not to run for president. It was the correct decision on several levels. ... more

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As I predicted back in 1957, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced at a press conference yesterday that he would not be a Republican candidate for President in 2012. ... more

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