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Conn Carroll - Tue Jan 21

The Supreme Court could undermine a key sector of government union growth by protecting the First Amendment rights of Medicaid-funded home health care providers. ... more

Chris Edwards - Fri Jul 5

The folly of monopoly unionism (“collective bargaining”) in government is most evident when labor unions strike. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Mon May 6

Most of the money owed by California’s state and local government agencies is to pay unionized government workers rates of compensation that most private sector workers can only dream about. ... more

Kevin Glass - Sun Sep 16

Kyle Olson - Fri Sep 14

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a pension reform bill Wednesday which, among other things, increases the retirement age for future public employees, limits post-retirement employment for all employees and ends the purchasing of additional service credit time for all employees, according to California Federation of Teachers Legislative Representative Dolores Sanchez. ... more

Kyle Olson - Tue Aug 28

Most people would be thankful if they only had to pay three percent of their salary toward retirement. That would be considered a gift in the private sector. But to Florida’s government employees, it’s a crime and an insult. ... more

Mallory Factor - Fri Aug 24

Most people believe that while many other classes of government workers are represented by Big Labor, our military and national security employees cannot be unionized. But is that really true? ... more

Ben Shapiro - Wed Aug 22

The American system of democracy is under threat. It's under threat from an Obama campaign that seeks to polarize Americans along race and class lines. It's under threat from a Democratic Party that seeks to pit those who pay taxes against those who don't. ... more Staff - Tue Aug 21

Mallory Factor blows the lid off of government union corruption in his scathing new book, Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind. ... more