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Jon Sanders - Thu Oct 6

The riddle of the ill-fated Humpty Dumpty was solved long ago (he's an egg). Now it's just a nonsense rhyme we tell our children. In that sense it'd be on par with government stimulus and jobs bills, if they could be condensed to four lines and aa-bb stanzas. ... more

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The presidential debates are looking more and more like symptoms of the problems we’ve got than part of the process of solving them. ... more

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Children learn a lot in school. Maybe more than we intend to teach them. CNN recently reported: “One Chicago public school is telling students they can either eat cafeteria food or ‘go hungry.’” No homemade lunches will be allowed without a medical excuse. ... more

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President Obama needs to reinvent reality, so where does he go? A college campus. ... more

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The American economy has undergone radical transformation in the past 75 years, and the majority of farmers have shown they can prosper outside a government-run hothouse. ... more

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Centuries ago, revolutionaries exchanged secret letters and waited for messages carried on horseback to provide news of how comrades fared on other fronts. Today, the world is captivated by the news, images, and video on global events, which are shared over the Internet by people all over the world instantly. ... more