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Rich Galen - Mon Jul 22

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Please tell me this is some sort of a sick joke. Phil Mickelson is a professional golfer. He makes boatloads of money. Millions. What’s more, he makes boatloads of money for a lot of other people in the process, including generating massive contributions to charity. He’s a jobs creator and an engine of economic growth, as are many other pro golfers and athletes. ... more

New York, NY - Thu Aug 30

What won't MSNBC label as racist? Lawrence O'Donnell's reasoning on this baseless accusation is especially astounding. ... more

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Andrew Tallman - Sun Jul 3

Let me begin by saying that although I enjoy playing golf, I don’t generally watch it on television. So, I didn’t personally see NBC’s double-butchering of the Pledge of Allegiance last week during the US Open broadcast. But having since watched it, I believe I see this fiasco a bit differently from many of my fellow religionists. ... more