Goldman Sachs on Townhall

Jack Bouroudjian - Thu Nov 3

As you know I’ve been following this MF Global story very closely, and the more I read the more upset I get. MF Global was a big institution with a lot of positions—futures, options, stocks, ETFs—and they were all overleveraged by one gigantic egomaniac named Jon Corzine, Mr. Champagne Socialist, the former co-chair of Goldman Sachs and former New Jersey governor. ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Oct 19

The worst thing about Occupy Wall Street is that it's ruining a good cause: hating Wall Street. Just when opposing Wall Street was gaining momentum, these brain-dead zombies are forcing us to choose between thieving bankers and them. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Tue Oct 18

Government is not the answer nor are Keynesian makeshift work programs that will hire a few union workers at monstrous costs, fixing little. We need to fix structural problems. ... more