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Behind the beard and the camouflage, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is an incredibly insightful man with a penchant for straight talk. In a video posted on YouTube in January, Robertson is seen giving a speech in Pennsylvania discussing in part the abortion culture in America. ... more

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Survey: People turn to God after disaster ... more

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As the F.B.I. and Department of Homeland Security sift through the collateral damage in Boston, one thing is abundantly clear: it was an act of terrorism. ... more

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If you’ve been receiving your daily downloads from our media intelligentsia, comrade, you know we must now all bow down at the altar of demographics. ... more

Matt Barber - Mon Apr 1

Here’s what marriage is: The God-ordained, lifelong, covenantal union between man and wife, designed to provide men, women and children optimal stability and overall well-being. Marriage is that biologically, spiritually and morally centered institution calculated to ensure responsible procreation and perpetuate the human race. Marriage – real marriage – represents the fundamental cornerstone of any healthy society (any society that hopes to survive, at least). ... more

Scottie Hughes - Thu Mar 28

I, like many Christians, watched in disbelief this past September at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina as the delegates not only voted once, but three times, to deny the reinstatement of God into their platform. ... more

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March is Trisomy Awareness Month. For my family, this has become a time to celebrate the life of our daughter Bella. ... more

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If Obama’s folks can buy a tour of the White House for $500,000 then I think the First Amendment ought to extend to the Koch Brothers and me too. ... more