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Barack Obama isn’t going to Gettysburg today to pay tribute to the nation’s greatest (and probably only) poet president. ... more

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Imagine being remembered by posterity as the newspaper that called President Lincoln’s most famous address, um, “silly”? ... more

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The first black President of the United States of America will not attend the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address. Lincoln gave the address just a few months after the gruesome three-day Gettysburg battle that resulted in the loss of 51,000 men. ... more

Walter E. Williams - Wed Nov 28

For decades, it has been obvious that there are irreconcilable differences between Americans who want to control the lives of others and those who wish to be left alone. Which is the more peaceful solution: Americans using the brute force of government to beat liberty-minded people into submission or simply parting company? In a marriage, where vows are ignored and broken, divorce is the most peaceful solution. Similarly, our constitutional and human rights have been increasingly violated by a government instituted to protect them. Americans who support constitutional abrogation have no intention of mending their ways. ... more

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I would be late, I would be late, for a very important date. Here it was already 2012 and the war, The War, had started in 1861. ... more

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