George Kaiser on Townhall

Reince Priebus - Thu Nov 10

Yesterday morning: President Obama signs an executive order to end government waste. That afternoon: Investigators uncover emails indicating a prominent Obama donor actively lobbied the administration on behalf of Solyndra (that now-bankrupt stimulus-backed California-based solar energy company). ... more

Salena Zito - Sun Oct 23

TULSA, Okla. – “I don't say I am no better than anybody else but I’ll be damned if I ain’t just as good.” ... more Staff - Tue Oct 4 Staff - Tue Oct 4

John Ransom - Mon Sep 19

So our love of idolizing the yappy captains of industry has come to the point where George Kaiser controls investments, Warren Buffett controls tax-policy, George Soros controls media and organizing, T. Boone Pickens controls our energy policy and TV pundits treat the Donald’s TV reality candidacy like it’s, um, reality. ... more

John Ransom - Sun Sep 18

Liberal strategist James Carville has suggested that Obama find someone to indict. Never mind whether the person is actually guilty of a crime. So the Mighty One has fallen a bit, but hasn’t fallen enough yet to take his place with the rest of us mere mortals bound by laws. ... more

Amy Oliver - Sun Sep 18

It’s no wonder that Pew Research Center found that 86 percent of Americans are either frustrated or angry with the federal government. Solyndra gives them 535 million more reasons. You’d think someone would have the common decency to apologize. Don’t hold you’re your breath waiting for one. The reaction from all the players ranges from defensive to offensive, from cavalier to incredible. No responsibility. No display of remorse. ... more