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"No, no, male firefighter, I only want a woman to come rescue me," said nobody ever. ... more

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ARE YOU voting for Charlie Baker for governor, sweetheart? He's been trying hard to win your support, in part through the familiar technique of highlighting those who support him already. For if there's one thing the Republican gubernatorial candidate wants you to know, it's that plenty of women do indeed support him. ... more

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Clearly, a pressing issue at the moment, the Labour MP says more girl trains on Thomas the Tank Engine would encourage girls to drive trains for a living. ... more

Nicole Bailey - Thu Nov 7

A recent report showed America trailing far behind many European countries in gender equality, and pressure is mounting on the US to "catch up." Meanwhile in Sweden, feminists have secured a gender neutral pronoun and the implementation of the Bechdel Test, a system that rates movies based on the roles and interactions of only the female characters. ... more

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A new study released over the weekend reaffirmed Iceland's place as the best for gender equality in the world, while the US moved down from #22 to #23. ... more