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Paul Greenberg - Tue Dec 4

Happy Birthday, Palestine! Strike up the band. Ice the champagne. Run up the flag. Rally and cheer. Orate and pose for the cameras. Declare victory. Dance the night away. Sing another chorus of Baladi! Baladi! Better yet, gather 'round the campfire, and pass the finjan till dawn telling glorious stories of a past that never was. ... more

Cliff May - Thu Nov 29

Who won? ... more

Ken Blackwell - Thu Nov 29

Pete Wehner is a real gentleman. His reproofs are generally not caustic and are almost always intended to have his opponents listen to what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature.” Thus, when he recently criticized Kirsten Powers, he provided a most useful sketch of the history of Arab-Israeli conflicts in recent times, at least since 1967. Wehner’s column should be required reading for anyone taking part in Mideast policy discussions. ... more

Cliff May - Mon Nov 26

Israel — as its friends and enemies never forget — is a “one-bomb country.” One nuclear weapon is all it would take to wipe out a nation whose territory is smaller than Djibouti, with a population not as large as that of Burundi — fewer than 8 million people, 20 percent of them Arabs who are enjoying rights denied to Arabs (not to mention non-Arab minorities) elsewhere in the Middle East. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Thu Nov 22

By the time you read these words, Gentle and Grateful Reader, peace should have broken out in that most unlikely part of the world, the Middle East. ... more

Heather Ginsberg - Wed Nov 21

America - Wed Nov 21

The chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee says Hamas is "using people as human shields." ... more

Frank Gaffney - Tue Nov 20

While debating Mitt Romney this fall, Barack Obama declared that he had decided to embrace the term "Obamacare" - a name originally coined and to that point only used by its detractors to tie the president firmly to the health care fiasco he had spawned. Perhaps he will, therefore, not object if we dub the escalating conflict in the Middle East by a similarly apt name: Obamawar. ... more

Dennis Prager - Tue Nov 20

The way in which the New York Times reports good vs. evil is one of the most important stories of our time. ... more

America - Tue Nov 20

"The way that you have a cease fire between Hamas and Israel is you tell Hamas to stop firing rockets into Israel." ... more

Reuters News - Mon Nov 19

Paul Greenberg - Sat Nov 17

Not that you haven't noticed, Gentle Reader, but the world is coming apart. Again. ... more