Fundraising on Townhall

David Limbaugh - Fri May 18

People have asked what Obama could possibly have been thinking to announce the final step in his "evolution" in favor of same-sex marriage right after another state resoundingly rejected the notion and despite the fact that most Americans oppose it. ... more

Ben Shapiro - Wed May 16

According to President Obama, he's a historic figure. That's no figure of speech. ... more

California - Fri May 11

A bash at George Clooney's mansion, $40,000 a plate... ... more

Michael Barone - Thu May 3

It has been reported that the Obama campaign this year, as in 2008, has disabled or chosen not to use AVS in screening contributions made by credit card. That doesn't sound very important. But it's evidence of a modus operandi that strikes me as thuggish. ... more

Steven Aden - Tue May 1

After all we’ve seen and heard regarding abortion in the 21st century—all the justifications for gender-selective abortions, for killing preborn handicapped babies, and even for having a window of time in which it’s acceptable to kill children after birth—proponents of the culture of death still surprise many people from time to time. ... more

Daniel Doherty - Mon Apr 16