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Michael Barone - Thu Oct 6

Leadership, said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in his press conference Tuesday announcing he would not reverse his decision not to run for president, is something you can't be taught or learn. "Leadership today in America has to be about doing the big things and being courageous." ... more

Jeff Carter - Thu Oct 6

China is manipulating the value of its currency. No doubt, it’s artificially low. Lower value makes Chinese goods cheaper than they would otherwise be. It also makes our goods more expensive to buy within China. The US can’t control that. By trying to, we will touch off a trade war at the very worst time. Currency manipulation might work for short periods of time, but it’s not a policy for long term growth. ... more

AP News - Mon Oct 3

Armstrong Williams - Fri Sep 30

I never thought it would come to this. I never imagined a time post 2000 when I would actually lament a return to the past. But here we are, facing a recession as deep and even longer than the one in the early 1990s, a recession that ushered in none other than the Comeback Kid – President William Jefferson Clinton. ... more

Rachel Alexander - Fri Aug 12

Move over Mitt Romney. Rick Perry has a bigger problem to defend from his tenure as governor. Remember the NAFTA Superhighway project? ... more

Paul Greenberg - Thu Jul 7

Remember the Misery Index? It tends to reappear whenever the economy exhibits a couple of unwelcome trends in unusual tandem: not just a high unemployment rate but more inflation, too. Talk about a double whammy. ... more

Ryan James Girdusky - Wed Jun 8

Americans have become disenchanted with the economic stagnation; headlines reading “a new low”, has been applied to the economy more than to Congressman Anthony Weiner. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Wed Apr 27

On my radio show Tuesday I launched The Obama Project --the attempt to list in succinct fashion the many reasons why President Obama should be defeated in November 2012. ... more

Larry Kudlow - Tue Nov 23

I recently sat down with George W. Bush to discuss his new book. With the greatest respect to the former president, he and I disagreed on a number of issues, and let each other know about it. ... more

Caroline Glick - Fri Nov 19

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must have given Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu quite a reception. Otherwise it is hard to understand what possessed him to accept the deal he accepted when he met with her last week. ... more