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French socialists in charge of the government have admitted that there's a tax threshold too high even for them. The country has the steepest tax burden in the world, collecting 45% of the country's GDP in tax revenue, and it's set to climb to a new record level next year. ... more

Daniel Doherty - Fri Aug 23

Tax rates have risen so high and so often in recent years in France that even Socialist ministers are urging the president (an avowed socialist himself, natch) to reconsider his tax-and-spend utopian policies. ... more

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The Obama Administration – despite its many flaws – is genuinely more market-oriented that its French counterpart. . . Or perhaps "less statist" would be a more accurate description. ... more

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The amount of economic illiteracy in France is simply staggering. If the goal is to get people to read books, logic would dictate the cheaper the price the better. Kindle, Nook, and other eBook readers come to mind. ... more

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The simmering feud between France and Germany erupted into a heated political exchange following Pressure on Hollande to take bold action to revive the French economy, calling for new pension and labour market reforms. ... more