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"The suspect was carrying a butcher's knife and shouted 'Allah akbar'" ... more

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The Nov. 13 terror attacks in Paris has forced France to examine its security policies, including at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, where it was recently discovered that 57 employees who had access to airplanes and runways were on a terror watch list. ... more

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Russia is doing all of the right things for France in a time of crisis. ... more

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Last Friday, Bill Maher was on his weekly show, "Real Time", when he openly criticized the notion that Muslims share the same values as other religions. ... more

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Injuries not life threatening. ... more

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France going on the offensive against ISIS. ... more

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The City of Paris stood for a minute's silence earlier today in memory of those killed in Friday's terrorist attack. The army were on the streets securing key sites as police confirmed they had arrested a total of 23 people, with more expected. ... more

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"They're stupid, but they aren't evil..." ... more

Matt Vespa - Sun Nov 15

Delete your accounts. All of them. ... more

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Good. ... more