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Charles Payne - Thu Feb 27

Rachel Marsden - Wed Oct 2

Night Watch - Thu Sep 12

Kate Andrews - Mon Aug 5

On Friday evening, former congressmen and presidential candidate Ron Paul delivered the keynote address to the 5th Annual Young Americans For Liberty National Conference. ... more

Crystal Wright - Fri Oct 26

President Obama is so wrapped up in being Obama, he can’t see that not having a plan for the next for years is a problem when you’re running for re-election. During the final debate on foreign policy, Obama oozed with revisionist history of his record and added a theatrical element to his delivery, glaring at hole through Romney. ... more

David Malcolm - Fri Oct 26

The final presidential debate on foreign policy muddled the differences between Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama on foreign policy, but foreign policy is second or third on most voters’ list of priorities. Therefore, the debate will likely not impede the Romney surge that preceded the debate. ... more

Armstrong Williams - Thu Oct 25

During the debate, we went into some foreign territory. The election is going to be about the economy and the size of government, not foreign policy, but the task of a president—and, let’s not forget, a government—is most essentially to protect Americans. It is, at the most basic level, not as a manager or prophet or pop star, but as a commander-in-chief. ... more

Jackie Gingrich Cushman - Thu Oct 25

Debates are high-pressure, high-risk events, and they often offer low rewards. A candidate's first goal is not to win the debate, but rather not to lose -- to do no harm to the campaign. A simple misstep can change the course of an election. ... more