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The food police are here. ... more

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Not even vending machines are outside the scope of Obamacare mandates. Under the bill's new labeling regulations nutrition information must be placed next to each slot of candy bars, chips, peanuts and cracker-jacks. ... more

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New reports obtained by Ohio Right to Life through a public records request reveal Planned Parenthood’s neglect over the past few years of its patients and state law regarding the widely-used abortion pill RU-486. ... more

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Michael Brown - Wed Apr 10

The last time I bought some daytime cold medicine at the grocery store, I was flagged by the machine in the self-checkout aisle, requiring me to show my ID to the cashier. Since I’m 58 years-old with gray hair and a white mustache, the cashier quickly waved me on, but the lesson was clear: In order to buy something as harmless as Dayquil, I needed to be at least 18 years-old. Yet according to a recent court ruling, a minor can buy an over-the-counter abortion pill without showing any ID. What kind of madness is this? ... more