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In 1994, Newt Gingrich campaigned on the "Contract with America;" a promised set of policy plans should he become Speaker of the House. Now in 2011, Gingrich discusses the new "21st Century Contract" on his bid for the White House. ... more

Tony Katz - Wed Sep 28

Over the weekend, businessman and presidential candidate Herman Cain won the Florida Straw Pollwith a very convincing 37% of the vote. He more than doubled his nearest challenger, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and third place finisher, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. ... more

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Just before 6 PM Saturday, the remarkably efficient information loop known as Twitter exploded with the news that Herman Cain had won the straw poll in Florida. ... more

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I honestly don’t have a simple solution for teens who are brought here illegally as children, but then again, I’m not running for President. Send them home? Home where? Let them stay? You’re rewarding their parents’ lawbreaking, and encouraging the next wave of parents to do the same. ... more

New York, New York - Mon Sep 26

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, winner of the Florida State Straw Poll, addresses his winning upset. ... more

Mark Baisley - Sun Sep 25

Is there any credibility in the candidacy of the former Godfather Pizza CEO? He has no election experience and the words “Washington” and “Governor” do not appear on his resume. GOP nominee Herman Cain may be a credible notion if we consider not only the competition, but the national mood. ... more

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