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Michael Medved - Wed Nov 2

With Rick Perry suddenly pushing a flat tax and Herman Cain substantively revising his popular 9-9-9 revenue plan, GOP candidates may finally refocus their feverish, fatuous immigration obsession, dropping an issue emphasis that’s destructive, distracting, demented and downright dumb. ... more

Ralph Benko - Wed Nov 2

Reducing the power of bankers and the political class — along with gold’s empirical record of turbo-charging job-creation and economic growth — is core for gold’s proponents. Thus, that inevitably will become public knowledge and make gold a potentially huge electoral asset. ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Mon Oct 31

Larry Kudlow - Sat Oct 29

The Texas governor is hoping his “Cut, Balance and Grow” plan will help jump-start his fading presidential campaign. He’s now trailing four other contenders for the 2012 Republican nomination in a new CBS/New York Times poll. He stands at 6 percent, Herman Cain is leading the pack with 25 percent and Mitt Romney is in second place with 21 percent. ... more

America - Wed Oct 26

Hint: There's a lot of choice involved. ... more

America - Wed Oct 26

"The sales tax may be hard to swallow." ... more

Washington D.C. - Tue Oct 25

With tax reform at the forefront of GOP debate, economist Dan Mitchell explains the basics of how a 'flat tax' would function. ... more

Larry Kudlow - Sat Oct 22

Both Perry and Cain include 100 percent cash expensing for new-business investment. Both Cain and Perry would eliminate the double tax on capital gains and other investments, as well as the double tax on the foreign earnings of U.S. companies. ... more

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown - Fri Oct 21

Some exciting developments in the Republican presidential race are being ignored by the media. We believe Americans will be excited when they understand the revolutionary nature of these candidate's proposals. ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Thu Oct 20

AP News - Wed Oct 19

Larry Kudlow - Sat Oct 15

Rep. Paul Ryan gives the plan a thumbs-up. Supply-side mentor Art Laffer tells me it would be "far, far better than the current system." And Chris Chocola, president of the free-market Club for Growth, calls it "a truly revolutionary tax reform that would amount to a massive job-creating tax cut on investments, savings and income." ... more

Donald Lambro - Fri Oct 14

At a time when the American left is beating its war drums to raise taxes on "the rich", Herman Cain wants to slash their income tax rates to 9 percent. ... more

Peter Ferrara - Tue Oct 11

Last week, Newt Gingrich released his 21st Century Contract with America, composed of 10 specific legislative proposals he would enact if elected President. In the 1994 Congressional campaigns, Republicans not only rode Newt's Contract with America proposals to Republican majorities in Congress. They maintained their House majority for 12 years, after Republicans had only held a House majority for 2 of the previous 74 years. ... more

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown - Sat Oct 8

America’s media is obsessed with every tick of every poll. The reason they cover polls is because they don’t want to cover ideas. Republicans should resist being sucked into this reality show mentality and focus instead on the candidate’s ideas. ... more