Fiscal Cliff on Townhall

Tony Katz - Wed Jan 2

When a deal is bad beyond all pretext, the only thing left to do is spin. Democrats, including Senate lackeys and administration lummoxes, spin the Senate version of the Fiscal Crap Sandwich to mean absolute victory over Republicans who have "finally" raised revenue (read "taxes.") Republicans spin that they moved to give even more people a tax break in 2013. Both obscure the reality; President Obama sold out the middle class for the wealthy. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Wed Jan 2

President Obama won the first round of his second term, but thanks to Mitch McConnell the beating wasn’t as severe as it could have been. ... more

Rich Galen - Wed Jan 2

They haven't done anything to solve the debt crisis, but the new Congress - and the President on January 20 - will have a brand new road and a bunch of shiny new cans to kick down it. ... more

Ralph Benko - Wed Jan 2

As this column is being written America is preparing to head down the, theatrically styled, “Fiscal Cliff.” That “cliff” really is the chicken roost of 40 years of mostly disappointing — and more than a decade of catastrophic — economic growth. Lousy growth leads to a diminished tax base, capable of producing only anemic tax revenues. ... more

Washington, DC - Wed Jan 2

The House passed the fiscal cliff deal on Tuesday night, 257-157. ... more

America - Wed Jan 2

Even the pea is a little bit too big, he says. “We’ve done all this to arrive at an arrangement on taxes.” ... more

Leah Barkoukis - Tue Jan 1

Bill Murchison - Tue Jan 1

What's this? Joe Biden in weekend conversation with Mitch McConnell over how to step back from the fiscal cliff? Isn't Biden the man in charge of solving The Gun Problem? How does he have the time or energy -- not least the ideas -- to launch another rescue mission? ... more

David Limbaugh - Tue Jan 1

NBC's David Gregory interviewed President Barack Obama on "Meet the Press" Sunday, and a conversation ensued that would have been more fitting for a show called "The President Meets One of His Many Mainstream Media Enablers." ... more

Washington, DC - Tue Jan 1

Rep. Louie Gohmert shares his thoughts on the fiscal cliff deal. ... more

Leah Barkoukis - Mon Dec 31

Dan Holler - Mon Dec 31

Matt Damon, the actor who once gave $2,000 to Dennis Kucinich, is giving up on politics. He told Playboy, “It’s easier now more than ever in my life to feel the fix is in, the game is rigged and no matter how hard you work to change things, it just doesn’t matter.” ... more

Rich Galen - Mon Dec 31

As of Eight PM Eastern Time last night the Senate had adjourned without having a Fiscal-Cliff-Avoiding bill to vote on. ... more

America - Mon Dec 31

Economist Peter Morici weighs in on the fiscal cliff. ... more

Heather Ginsberg - Sun Dec 30

Derek Hunter - Sun Dec 30

It’s that time again – time to make resolutions we won’t keep, spend two weeks writing the wrong date on checks and to look back on the year we’re leaving. ... more