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Kathryn Lopez - Sat Sep 8

Michelle Obama, in her speech to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last week, explained that her husband "believes that women are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies and our health care." ... more

America - Fri Feb 17

A look into their lives with Sean Hannity ... more

America - Wed Jan 11

"If I didn't agree with something I would talk to my own husband about it." ... more

America - Tue Jan 10

Oh, the wisdom. For your convenience: Modicum [mod-i-kuhm] noun Definition: bit, small amount ... more

Charlotte Hays - Tue Dec 6

Sometimes in unguarded moments the Obamas have said revealing things that later needed to be explained away—the president’s “bitter clingers” remark and Mrs. Obama’s being proud of her country “for the first time in my adult life” spring to mind. ... more