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Rachel Marsden - Wed Sep 16

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Jun 25

Michael Schaus - Fri Nov 21

Bill Tatro - Tue Sep 23

Nicholas Vardy - Fri Aug 22

Ralph Benko - Wed Jan 9

Washington, quietly, is re-orientating. To be sure it still is sorting out what caused the financial crisis, the Great Recession, and the disorders that have ensued (from the application of bad medicine like bailouts and stimulus). But there’s just occurred a dramatic changing of the guard in the GOP and in the leadership of its intelligentsia. ... more

Walter E. Williams - Wed Dec 12

Suppose you saw a building on fire. Would you seek counsel from the arsonist who set it ablaze for advice on how to put it out? You say, "Williams, you'd have to be a lunatic to do that!" But that's precisely what we've done: turned to the people who created our fiscal crisis to fix it. ... more

Brian and Garrett Fahy - Sun Dec 9

Whatever the president believes was the basis for his reelection, surely he cannot think he was given another term to simply be, as he has been, a mere observer of national crises. ... more

Mona Charen - Tue Sep 18

One of Romney's great skills is the ability to turn around failing enterprises. He did it with private firms while he ran Bain Capital; he did it for an indebted Massachusetts and he did it for the Olympics. He needs to do it for his campaign now. ... more