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Cortney O'Brien - Tue Oct 22

Uncle Sam hasn’t been the best boss lately. What with the pay freezes and demoralization caused by this month’s government shutdown, his employees haven’t exactly had reason to praise his leadership skills. Yet, that’s not stopping thousands of people from applying to work for him. ... more

Daniel Doherty - Thu Oct 17

Just a few short hours ago President Obama signed legislation into law that re-opened the government. ... more

Political Calculations - Sun Aug 25

John Ransom - Fri Apr 12

The Department of Big Labor admits that the number of regular federal employees covered under all unemployment benefit programs is 3,277 fewer people this year than last. Perhaps this math helps explain why housing prices in the Washington, D.C. metro area are reaching all-time record highs. ... more

Ed Feulner - Fri Feb 10

Imagine a job where you earn an above-average salary. Enjoy plenty of paid leave and enviable health benefits. Get to retire at age 56 with a generous pension. Sound good? ... more