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I suspect many Republicans, at least those not closely aligned with the real estate industry, are torn between wanting to immediately get rid of Fannie and Freddie and getting the taxpayers’ money back. ... more

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The politicians, unsurprisingly, didn’t learn the right lessons. Instead of reducing the level of government intervention, they imposed the Dodd-Frank bailout bill (named after two lawmakers who were pimps for Fannie and Freddie and thus disproportionately responsible for the crisis). ... more

Ken Connor - Wed Aug 22

Conservatives are quick to criticize public welfare for the poor, pointing out that it often undermines natural consequences and the incentives that flow therefrom. Such criticism is often well founded—poverty frequently becomes multigenerational when "solved" by simply throwing money at the poor. But conservatives should no less vehement in their opposition to corporate welfare, a form of welfare that is running rampant while the taxpayers of our country are dying a slow death of a thousand payouts. ... more