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Jonah Goldberg - Fri May 10

Baptist Press - Wed Apr 17

Pat Summerall remembered for Christian faith ... more

Todd Starnes - Wed Apr 10

At least a dozen members of Congress have signed a letter demanding the Secretary of the Army rescind and apologize for a briefing that labeled Evangelical Christians and Catholics as religious extremist groups, Fox News has learned. ... more

Baptist Press - Wed Apr 10

Kazakhstan: Never too old to be fined for faith ... more

Kevin McCullough - Sun Apr 7

For the last two weeks Bill O'Reilly has committed multiple journalistic mis-steps. ... more

Dennis Prager - Tue Apr 2

I offer the single most politically incorrect statement a modern American -- indeed a modern Westerner, period -- can make: I first look to the Bible for moral guidance and for wisdom. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Mon Mar 25

Psst, pass it on. Tell the other slaves: We leave Egypt tonight. ... more

Baptist Press - Mon Mar 18

Kenya's president-elect & faith leaders meet ... more

Reuters News - Thu Mar 14

Paul Greenberg - Sat Mar 2

The surgeon general of the United States needn't be a surgeon. And he may be a general -- or admiral -- only in name. The rank is essentially a civil office -- despite the dress whites and gold braid. ... more

Bill Murchison - Tue Feb 26

Hardly had the shooting stopped at Sandy Hook Elementary School before the national commentary machine cranked up. Everyone and his dog had something to say: Most of it, as events would show, centered on the compelling need, or lack of it, for gun control. ... more

David Limbaugh - Tue Feb 12

President Obama must have been stunned at the "audacity" of Dr. Benjamin Carson in challenging his core assumptions right to his face in front of thousands of people at the National Prayer Breakfast. ... more

Baptist Press - Mon Feb 11

Obama, at Nat'l Prayer Breakfast, talks faith ... more

Kevin McCullough - Sun Jan 6

A disturbing bit of news came out of the President's decision to sign our newest defense bill into law. ... more

David Limbaugh - Fri Dec 21

At the very core of Christianity is the historical authenticity of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Fri Dec 7

It's starting to look a lot like ... Chanukah. That's the minor eight-day Jewish holiday that's become a major one in our time, perhaps because of its proximity to Christmas and the demand for some kind of Jewish equivalent. ... more

Maggie Gallagher - Thu Dec 6

Have you noticed how much of Hollywood is preoccupied with thoughts of God? ... more

Baptist Press - Thu Nov 29

Schreiners display strong faith amid tragedy ... more

Michael Brown - Mon Nov 26

My open letter to my black Christian friends, written out of respect and solidarity, generated an extremely high number of email responses. They ranged from commendation to condemnation, with one email informing me that neither “you nor I are going to alter prophecy, these things are foretold, we have to pray now GOD will get us out of here before masses get destroyed!” ... more

Steve Deace - Sat Nov 17

The writer of the Book of Hebrews in the New Testament gives a very difficult but encouraging truth: “The LORD chastens those whom He loves.” No one wants to be chastened. It is not fun to be disciplined. Yet when God allows such accountability and suffering to take place, this truth teaches us it is because He loves us enough to correct us when we are wrong, lest we continue doing what can ruin us and those whom we love. ... more

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