Fairness on Townhall

John Hawkins - Tue Oct 18

He has excellent name recognition, he's extremely well organized, he's a great fundraiser, he's become a polished debater, and he's not gaffe prone....All that being said, there's a reason why Mitt Romney has been unable to walk away with the nomination despite all of those advantages. ... more

Cliff Ennico - Tue Oct 11

Thanks to a new law in California, the days of selling online without having to pay sales tax are numbered. Other states may follow suit. ... more

Crista Huff - Mon Oct 10

Looking for trades during a distraught market, I bought Ebay at $28.80 in mid-August and sold at $33.50 in mid-September. New government action has given me another cut at the same stock. ... more

Donna Wiesner Keene - Thu Oct 6

Remember stop, look and listen before you cross the street? Follow this cautionary tale before you swallow the balanced budget language of Presidential candidate and former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson and the 9-9-9 tax system of former CEO Herman Cain. Simple slogans can be dangerous. ... more