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Walter E. Williams - Wed Nov 18

Bruce Bialosky - Sun Mar 9

Leah Barkoukis - Sun Mar 31

Kyle Olson - Thu Mar 14

I was deeply troubled when video surfaced last week of striking Strongsville, Ohio teachers heckling substitute teachers who were applying to be their temporary replacements ... more

Gary Beckner - Wed Sep 5

Back to school season is in full swing across the country. As our students and teachers start anew this fall, we should take this opportunity to renew our support and commitment to our nation’s educators as they strive to meet today’s challenges in their classrooms across America. ... more

Lurita Doan - Mon Mar 5

While Republicans focus on skewering GOP presidential candidates in primaries, Team Obama’s regulatory juggernaut continues to destroy the American way of life. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and job creators are already groaning from the weight of the many and new regulations Obama has initiated in the past three years. ... more

Terry Jeffrey - Wed Feb 22

When two schools meet in a basketball game, the winner is indisputable. One team outscores the other. The same is true in certain types of academic competition. When students take standardized national tests, students from some schools outscore students from others. ... more

America - Fri Feb 3

Teens are asked simple civics questions. Let's just say they failed miserably. ... more

Walter E. Williams - Wed Jan 25

Larry Sand's article "No Wonder Johnny (Still) Can't Read" -- written for The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, based in Raleigh, N.C. -- blames schools of education for the decline in America's education. ... more

Kyle Olson - Mon Nov 7

According to the propaganda of the teachers unions, these are bleak times for public education. Younger teachers are being laid off, school employees are making benefit concessions, and unions are losing bargaining privileges. ... more

Mike Adams - Thu Nov 3

Tenure must go. And so must Professor’s unions. If you don’t agree with me then perhaps you have yet to familiarize yourself with the case of Professor Edward Larkin. This tenured psychopath will keep his job despite exposing himself in public in front of a 17-year old girl and her mother. ... more

Kyle Olson - Wed Oct 5

Virtually no state is immune to the red ink found in school budgets, which is a result of routine overspending. For too long, schools have not kept spending in check. They’ve given raises they couldn’t afford, they maintained bloated benefit packages that far exceeded their private-sector counterparts, and they haven’t employed much business sense in managing massive, multi-million dollar operations. ... more

Cal Thomas - Thu Sep 29

You know President Obama thinks he is in trouble with his liberal base when he lapses into what used to be called "jive talk" before an audience of Congressional Black Caucus members. Dropping his "g's", the president admonished the group to "stop complainin'." ... more

Kyle Olson - Tue Sep 27

When President Obama once again addresses public school students this week, he will likely hit all the poll-tested phrases (“The future of America depends on you”) and other warmed-over pablum (“There is no excuse for not trying”) which will leave the kids reaching for their contraband ear buds. ... more

Walter E. Williams - Wed Sep 14

Too much of anything is just as much a misallocation of resources as it is too little, and that applies to higher education just as it applies to everything else. ... more

Kyle Olson - Thu Aug 25

The CTU will remind you that the labor unions created America’s middle class. But don’t bother pointing out that the self-serving teachers unions are creating a generation of ignoramuses who are so poorly educated that they will never have a chance at a middle class lifestyle. ... more

Jackie Gingrich Cushman - Thu Jul 7

Why would teachers and principals who were supposed to be focusing on teaching children focus, instead, on falsifying student achievement? ... more