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Tony Marsh - Sat Sep 17

Every single statement Obama makes was carefully calculated to elicit an emotional response. Veterans shouldn’t have to fight for jobs; small businesses must be helped to create jobs; students can’t learn in dilapidated buildings; we must keep policemen and firemen on the streets – every statement true, but none relevant to the actual legislation he proposed. ... more

John Ransom - Fri Sep 16

Sources familar with the law that governs the loan made under the Solyndra program however say that a plain reading of the law prevents the administration from allowing investors to jump ahead of government guaranteed loans under any circumstances. ... more

David Malpass - Fri Sep 16

At the weekend G7 meeting, Christine Lagarde softened the IMF’s concerns about the capital adequacy of European banks. However, the communiqué reiterated the G7’s support for the Basel III bank regulatory process (that Jamie Dimon says disadvantages U.S. banks) ... more

Bill Tatro - Fri Sep 16

Imagine 10,000 people being hired in the southern tier of New York, or the outskirts of Detroit, or the suburbs of Las Vegas. Then, picture this being done by each and every corporation that currently hires overseas. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Fri Sep 16

Housing will not bottom in many areas as long as there is a mile-high stack of foreclosures in the pipeline. Thus the faster forecloses increase the better. The bad news is this process will still take a long time. ... more

Stewart Scott - Fri Sep 16

The history of the group of militants and preachers who created LeT and their connections with other groups helps us understand how militant groups develop and work together. ... more

Jeff Carter - Fri Sep 16

There is a “wish list” for House Democrats in the context of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, which was created as part of the Budget Control Act of 2011. Note the inclusion of taxation of carried interests on the list and in the description. ... more

Political Calculations - Fri Sep 16

On Valentine's Day 2011, we explored the correlation that appears to exist between what motor gasoline prices are today and what the unemployment rate will be two years from now. At the time, Here's what we found. ... more

Jeff Carter - Tue Sep 13

Speaking of immature and overvalued, Paul Krugman wrote a column in the NY Times about 9/11 over the weekend. It was typical Krugman. Full of angst and why America deserved to be attacked on 9/11. He also politicized the after effects of 9/11. ... more

George Friedman - Thu Sep 8

At this point, for all its mistakes and errors — common to all wars — the United States has achieved its primary mission. There have been no more concerted terrorist attacks against the United States. Now it is time to resume history. ... more

Robert Knight - Thu Sep 8

The modern day faith in Science makes the most fanatical fundamentalist look indifferent by comparison. ... more

Byron York - Wed Sep 7

The fundamental facts of the presidential race at this moment are that unemployment is high, the economy is by far the most important issue to American voters, and President Obama's handling of economic questions is overwhelmingly unpopular. ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Sep 7

Do religious conservatives operate far outside the American mainstream and represent a serious threat to our pluralistic democracy? ... more

Marita Noon - Tue Sep 6

Energy has evolved from wood, to whale oil, to coal, to petroleum, to nuclear. There are many who believe that renewables, particularly wind and solar, are the next step in the evolution of energy. But there is a missing link: you have to get the energy to the user. This is where the whackos come in. ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Aug 31

Amid the hoots at Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry for saying there were "gaps" in the theory of evolution, the strongest evidence for Darwinism presented by these soi-disant rationalists was a 9-year-old boy quoted in The New York Times. ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Aug 24

Evolution is the only subject that is discussed exclusively as a "Do you believe?" question with yes-or-no answers. ... more

George Friedman - Wed Aug 24

It is one thing to declare a Palestinian state; it is quite another thing to create one. ... more