European Debt Crisis on Townhall

Rachel Marsden - Tue May 15

While your co-workers hover around the water cooler debating whether it matters if Mitt Romney bullied some kid in his youth, a formerly First World nation called Greece is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Why, you might ask, should Middle America pry its overworked eyes away from Jennifer Lopez gyrating around in a bodysuit on "American Idol" long enough to bother caring? ... more

Pat Buchanan - Tue May 8

How Europe's crisis resolves itself as yet remains unknown. ... more

Pat Buchanan - Tue May 1

U.S. growth in the first quarter fell to 2.2 percent, a disappointment. But in Europe, that news would have caused general rejoicing. ... more Staff - Wed Feb 15

Paul Greenberg - Wed Feb 15

No wonder the Titanic became not just a metaphor for a whole, calamitous century but a cliche. The story of its maiden and final voyage in 1912 featured a whole pantheon of modern gods that have failed: science and technology, expertise and efficiency, mathematical probability, the worship of the biggest and best. ... In the case of the Titanic, they all added up to one more chapter in man's unending history of hubris. ... more

George Friedman - Wed Feb 1

More and more, it is the Germans that are the question mark. How far are they willing to go, and do they fully understand their national interests? ... more

Erika Johnsen - Fri Jan 27

Phyllis Schlafly - Tue Jan 10

It was bad enough when President Obama bamboozled Congress into passing a stimulus bill that didn't produce any jobs, then increased the federal deficit in the 2012 omnibus spending bill, then raised the debt ceiling, then bailed out the big U.S. banks, then tried to bail out his pal Solyndra in an attempt to save it from bankruptcy, and then appointed a jobs czar who only creates jobs in China. ... more

Michael Prell - Tue Jan 3

Meanwhile, as we digest the Iowa Caucus chaos, a lot has happened outside of Iowa. ... more

Judge Andrew Napolitano - Thu Dec 29

Do you remember this summer's debt debate debacle? It ended with the supercommittee, which ended in failure, which resulted in no cuts in government spending. Do you remember the summer before that, when tea party protesters came out in full force against Obamacare and members of Congress who were contemplating supporting it? ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Dec 29

Yet the more things change in Europe, the more they stay the same. ... more

EU - Thu Dec 22

"This is the first time I think that I or Ryanair have ever been invited to a conference by the European Union. Because as most of you know, the European Union spends most of its time suing me, torturing me, criticizing me or condemning me for lowering the cost of air travel..." said CEO Michael O’Leary. ... more

Victor Davis Hanson - Thu Dec 15

The rise of a German Europe began in 1914, failed twice, and has now ended in the victory of German power almost a century later. The Europe that Kaiser Wilhelm lost in 1918, and that Adolf Hitler destroyed in 1945, has at last been won by German Chancellor Angela Merkel without firing a shot. ... more

Rachel Marsden - Tue Dec 13

I've had it with this useless, ongoing charade to "save Europe." It's time to get serious and consider jailing and impeaching some of these European Union member leaders for requisite incentive. ... more

Pat Buchanan - Tue Dec 13

Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to veto Germany's demand for a new European fiscal union will define his premiership. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Wed Dec 7

Elisabeth Meinecke - Mon Dec 5

Katie Pavlich - Thu Dec 1