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A new study from Germany unveiled last week found that Facebook often triggers envy among many of its users. Envy especially over the social life and vacations and experiences of others. ... more

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Last week, Chu appeared before the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology and was grilled about gas prices. Rep. James Sensenbrenner invited Chu to retract his earlier statement about chasing European gas prices. ... more

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Despite the clearly positive impact on economic growth and overall quality of life birthed by the flow of money and ability to borrow, societies have held pockets of resentment. ... more

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Obama, in his State of the Union address and during his initial five-state, multi-million dollar taxpayer funded re-election jaunt has stated repeatedly that his platform and policies are not about class warfare, which means, of course, that his ticket is all about class warfare—or “fairness,” as he likes to call it … or as the Scripture labels it, envy. ... more

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In 2008, I wrote a book called "Liberal Fascism." That title came from H.G. Wells, one of the most important socialist writers in the English language. He believed, as did his fellow Fabian socialists, that Western democratic capitalism had outlived its usefulness. ... more

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