Environmentalists on Townhall

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Two Irish journalists explain how they discovered that environmentalism is a game for rich kids and rich grownups. ... more

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The punishment for killing a golden or bald eagle in the United States comes at a hefty price. Simply having eagle feathers or parts in your possession will land you in prison with a heavy fine to pay. ... more

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Wanna take a guess on the number of bats wind turbines killed last year? 600,000. ?Minimum. ... more

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Did you know that in 2012 Americans spent an average of $3,000 on gas? – more than doubling 2002’s average of $1,235? Were you aware our country owes $900 billion because of our dependence on oil? These are just a few statistics that should give Americans a little more to think about when they’re filling up at the pump. ... more

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Did you know we humans are the ‘dominant cause’ of everything wrong in the world? In a 36-page report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded people are the reason our planet has been “overheating.” ... more

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