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America - Tue May 8

Entrepreneurs debate. ... more

Katie Kieffer - Mon May 7

Stealing from babies is easy and low. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates makes himself feel powerful while negligently ripping off babies. I am a capitalist. I defend entrepreneurs. However, I think young people and their parents should know that Gates is a sham entrepreneur. ... more

Fred Wszolek - Thu Mar 22

In business, much like in most other fields, the person taking risk and branching out to start a new company or hire additional workers looks at his/her books to ensure their finances are in order, but then oftentimes makes a gut decision about how they feel about the likely success of the venture. ... more

John Stossel - Fri Feb 24

Want to open a business in America? It isn't easy. ... more

Jeff Carter - Mon Feb 6

I have sat in on classes taught by professors at U of C and I find myself learning something in every one I ever sat in. I take some nugget, some kernel of knowledge out that I didn’t know before. ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Sun Jan 15

This is the time of year when 2012 prediction lists abound. I am struck by how many lists have included some reference to a surge in American entrepreneurship during the next year. Entrepreneurs are clearly being counted upon to act as one of the centerpieces of America's economic recovery. ... more

Terry Paulson - Mon Jan 2

On a recent trip to the Reagan Presidential Library I was struck over and over again by the confidence President Ronald Reagan had in Americans--in American workers, leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, the young and the old. ... more

EU - Thu Dec 22

"This is the first time I think that I or Ryanair have ever been invited to a conference by the European Union. Because as most of you know, the European Union spends most of its time suing me, torturing me, criticizing me or condemning me for lowering the cost of air travel..." said CEO Michael O’Leary. ... more

Cliff May - Thu Nov 3

Imagine someone showing up at your home and saying: “We’re from the government. We’ve determined that this dwelling has more living space than you and your family need. There are so many people who do not have enough. So we’re going to move another family in with you.” ... more

Marvin Olasky - Wed Nov 2

WORLD Magazine’s current cover story is about hope in Afghanistan. This column is about hope in America. Occupy Wall Street cadres shout that selfishness rules America, but thousands of compassionate programs show that an odds-defying altruism remains. Some programs are Christian, some are secular—and let me say a few words about both kinds. ... more

Ed Feulner - Sun Oct 16

As anyone who’s Googled something on an iPad and then tweeted about it will tell you, trail-blazers such as Steve Jobs symbolize American exceptionalism every day. ... more

Reuters News - Mon Oct 10

George Friedman - Wed Oct 5

STRATFOR has examined the plans for dealing with the financial crisis in Europe, and we find them technically plausible, even if they involve navigating something of a minefield. The eurozone’s bailout fund, the European Financial Stability Facility, would be expanded in scope and reach until it can handle the bailout of a major state, the default of a minor state and a banking crisis of unprecedented proportions. ... more

Marvin Olasky - Mon Sep 19

If 'creating jobs' is Job No. 1, lay off the rhetoric ... more

Larry Kudlow - Sat Sep 10

President Obama’s latest vision on taxes once again singles out energy companies, successful high-end earners, and small-business entrepreneurs for future tax hikes, rather than across-the-board rate-flattening and deduction-ending. ... more

Katie Kieffer - Mon Aug 22

If we are serious about creating jobs, then we should treat entrepreneurs like fish. Just as fish need a certain environment to live, entrepreneurs require a unique environment to take risks and create jobs. ... more

Jeff Carter - Sat Aug 13

It’s no secret that Obama’s record on job growth is the poorest in generations. Who cares about “saving” jobs? What’s really important is growing economic output and creating many new jobs. Approaching job creation with a “saving jobs” approach is fighting like the Black Knight in a Monty Python movie. ... more

John C. Goodman - Sat Aug 13

Many liberals think of profit as evil. They see it as the product of “corporate greed,” something that needs to be harshly taxed. Yet the desire to earn a profit is what impels innovators to solve some of our most important social problems. ... more

Iain Murray - Thu Aug 11

America is a country founded on entrepreneurship and free enterprise. That’s why one of its most enduring childhood traditions is the lemonade stand. It teaches children initiative, about the value of money and how to earn it. Recently, however, children have been learning entirely different lessons—that bureaucrats are in charge and you cross them at your peril. ... more

Star Parker - Mon Aug 1

A just released study from the Pew Research center reporting a record high wealth gap between whites and blacks should have been labeled “handle with care.” ... more

John C. Goodman - Sat Jul 23

Time and again President Obama has told us how he intends to solve our health care problems: spend money on pilot programs and other experiments; find out what works and then go copy it. He's also repeatedly said the same thing about education. The only difference: in education we've already been following this approach with no success for 25 years. ... more