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Linda Chavez - Fri Feb 17

Extending the payroll tax cut -- as the GOP leadership has now agreed with Democrats to do -- may be good politics, but it is lousy policy. ... more

Judge Andrew Napolitano - Thu Feb 16

When the federal government was created, those who risked their lives and their fortunes and their scared honors to secede from England were animated by recent events. The government did not come into existence in a vacuum. Rather, those who led the Revolutionary War joined those who fought and financed it to create a central government that would be constitutionally incapable of doing to Americans what King George III and Parliament did to the colonists. ... more

John C. Goodman - Sat Jan 28

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama. But like a lot of Americans, I was hopeful about his presidency. ... more

Peter Ferrara - Fri Dec 2

In New Hampshire on November 21, Newt Gingrich, who has just been endorsed by the Manchester Union Leader, unveiled sweeping entitlement reform proposals, discussed in a comprehensive, extensive campaign position paper now available at Newt.org. Those proposals reflect closely my own work over many years, discussed in detail in my recent book, America's Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb. ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Thu Dec 1

Republicans who accept a tax hike to get entitlement cuts will wind up with bad policy that crowds out needed reforms. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Wed Nov 30

Daniel J. Mitchell - Tue Nov 29

Here’s what you need to know: America’s fiscal crisis is actually a spending crisis, and that spending crisis is driven by entitlements. ... more

Michael Barone - Mon Nov 28

What should be done about income inequality? That basic question underlies the arguments hashed out in the supercommittee and promises to be a central issue in the presidential campaign. ... more

Thomas Sowell - Tue Nov 22

"Alice in Wonderland" was written by a professor who also wrote a book on symbolic logic. So it is not surprising that Alice encountered not only strange behavior in Wonderland, but also strange and illogical reasoning -- of a sort too often found in the real world, and which a logician would be very much aware of. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Mon Nov 21

THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT reported last week that the national debt had surpassed $15 trillion, clocking in at precisely $15,033,607,255,920.32 as of the close of business Tuesday. ... more

New York City - Fri Nov 18

Greg Gutfeld's daily monologue dedicated to the #OWS protests and their national 'day of action' that took place November 17th. ... more

Donald Lambro - Thu Nov 17

Sen. Pat Toomey, the GOP's fiercest anti-tax ?warrior, stunned the supercommittee when he proposed raising taxes to ?break the impasse over cutting the government's monster debt.? ... more

Rachel Alexander - Fri Nov 11

It has become all too easy today to receive government assistance. Half of all babies born in the U.S. today receive food assistance, and half of all children live in a home that will use food assistance at some point during their childhood. ... more

Carrie Lukas - Tue Nov 8

Cutting $1.5 trillion from the federal budget, supposedly the goal of the Super Committee, sounds daunting. When you put those numbers into the context of the total federal budget and our exploding national debt, however, you realize it shouldn't be so hard. The Committee's real challenge—and it's a doozy—is a political system that discourages common sense. ... more

Texas - Mon Nov 7

Beware: content, not soundbites. ... more

J.D. Thorpe - Thu Nov 3

Many – including the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd – have expressed outrage over Bank of America’s recent attempt to charge customers a $5 monthly fee to use their debit card. These people deplored the move and used it as another symbol of greedy Wall Street “Robber Barons” sticking it to the little guy. ... more