England on Townhall

Andre Walker - Thu Oct 22

The deputy leader of the UK Labour Party has been forced to make a humiliating apology after wrongly accusing a former minister of being a rapist. Tom Watson MP was dragged before parliament yesterday to explain why he publicly said the Conservative Lord Brittan had attacked a woman despite their being no evidence to back the claim. ... more

Andre Walker - Wed Sep 9

Tributes were paid at the House of Commons today to HM Queen Elizabeth II, who became Britain's longest reigning monarch ever. She beat Queen Victoria by notching up 63 years and 218 days, in a job that includes being head of Church of England. ... more

Andre Walker - Tue Aug 4

WESTMINSTER, United Kingdom Wiltshire Police will to be investigated over its handing of allegations of child sex abuse against a former British Prime Minister. ... more

Andre Walker - Tue Jul 14

WESTMINSTER, United Kingdom Scottish National Party (SNP) Members of Parliament have forced the government into a u-turn over it's plans to water down the ban on fox hunting in England. ... more

Rich Galen - Mon May 11

Jerry Newcombe - Thu Mar 19

Vivian Hughbanks - Tue Feb 24

Approximately 20,000 foreigners have traveled to Syria to join in jihad with various terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State. Experts estimate about 3,000 recruits are from Western nations -- and up to 150 are from the United States. ... more

Suzanne Fields - Fri Feb 13

John Browne - Tue Nov 4