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America’s ruling class appears to believe that its mission is to subjugate and bring to heel those outside the club – which means you and me. ... more

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"Education" is a word that covers a lot of very different things, from vital, life-saving medical skills to frivolous courses to absolutely counterproductive courses that fill people with a sense of grievance and entitlement, without giving them either the skills to earn a living or a realistic understanding of the world required for a citizen in a free society. ... more

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Some Republicans are panicking at the idea the defense budget might be cut even a little — as if that somehow will destroy the Republic. Malarkey. Examples of profligacy abound. The House is just now trying to get up the nerve to forbid the Treasury Secretary from getting around on military jets — at the cost of $150,000 per flight, a practice begun under Tim Geithner’s Republican predecessor. ... more

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Let’s all agree to take a month off from using the word “unelectable.” I promise it won’t be nearly as hard as refraining from using your iPhone for a day. ... more

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry is the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination now, at least in the national polls. Undoubtedly that's the main reason so many East Coast pundits and Beltway wags are making fun of him. He likes guns! He's from Texas! He talks funny! He's a -- gird yourself now -- Christian! ... more

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John and his wife Elda (they declined to give their last names) had never ridden on a train before, nor had they ever visited Pennsylvania. They do not own a computer or an iPhone, an iPad or a television. Yet they knew exactly who William Penn was. ... more