Electric Cars on Townhall

Susan Brown - Wed Nov 16

Three years ago, the national average for a gallon of regular grade gasoline was around $1.70. The price climbed to $2.60 in 2009 and $2.80 a year later. ... more

David Morris - Tue Oct 4

Solyndra may have gone belly up, but at least it goes out with style. Constructed by union workers at a total cost of $733 million (proceeding from the Energy Department's $535 million loan guarantee), the Solyndra facility featured robots that sang Disney tunes, 19 loading decks, and localized rail lines for moving products across its 300,000 square feet (approximately 5 football fields). ... more

Lincoln Brown - Wed Sep 21

People making money, spending money and investing money. On the corporate, local and individual levels. Isn’t that what the President has been touting? But under the current state of affairs, the only people who will be making money are people such as Al Gore, and green technology companies who donate to the President's re-election campaign. ... more

J.D. Thorpe - Thu Sep 8

“Get out of the way.” With this statement, John Galt articulated the simple and necessary policy solution to the disastrous centrally-planned economy in Atlas Shrugged. It’s also sage advice that President Obama should consider before he unveils his latest jobs plan before the Joint Session of Congress tonight. ... more

Bob Beauprez - Thu Jun 23

One of Barack Obama's favorite fantasies is that Americans will soon abandon their SUVs and pick-ups in favor of battery operated cars.But, like so much of the hope-and-change agenda, the electric car idea isn't off to a very good start. ... more

John Ransom - Sun May 1

Our debt chicken came home to roost, twice; our economy is stalling; Superman’s going international and electric cars will, sooner or later, be deemed a threat to a type of ground squirrel that you and I have never heard of. ... more

David Limbaugh - Fri Mar 4

At what point do environmentalist liberals become accountable for the results of their policies instead of their allegedly good intentions? Why isn't President Obama held accountable? ... more

Mike Needham - Mon Jan 31

Give President Obama credit for saying the right thing when he praised America's spirit of entrepreneurship in his State of the Union address. It's a shame his policies contradict his rhetoric. ... more