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The United States of America is what Mark Steyn forlornly describes as the brokest nation in history. ... more

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Night Watch - Sun Sep 29

Daniel Doherty - Mon Sep 23

On Monday, a Cairo court ruled that the Muslim Brotherhood... ... more

Leah Barkoukis - Wed Sep 11

It looks like they didn’t stop after looting and burning dozens of churches in Egypt—now the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters are forcing some Coptic Christians in Egypt to pay a jizya tax, author and translator Raymond Ibrahim reported on Sunday: ... more

Night Watch - Tue Sep 10

Night Watch - Sat Sep 7

Michael Schaus - Thu Sep 5

Night Watch - Fri Aug 30

Daniel Doherty - Fri Aug 23

As syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer sees it, there were two -- and only two -- plausible outcomes in Egypt: either the Egyptian people would tolerate and accept the Muslim Brotherhood’s increasingly imperious and autocratic reign. Or they wouldn’t. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Fri Aug 23

Daniel Doherty - Thu Aug 22

The persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt has become so bad and so violent in recent weeks that churches in the northern part of the country have cancelled Sunday masses and prayer services for the first time in nearly two millennium. ... more

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