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Christine Rousselle - Tue Aug 18

Sad. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Thu Jun 12

Yikes. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Fri Mar 14

"Children don't eat edible underwear." ... more

Morgan Brittany - Mon Mar 10

Daniel Doherty - Mon Nov 4

If you ever needed more evidence that EBT recipients are abusing America’s welfare system, look no further than what’s going on in Sacramento, California. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Mon Oct 28

Over 47 million people use government assistance to buy food. ... more

Derek Hunter - Thu Oct 17

Daniel Doherty - Mon Oct 14

In Louisiana this past week, some EBT card recipients took advantage of a major and temporary glitch in the system... ... more

Christine Rousselle - Sun Oct 13

The outage was not related to the government shutdown. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Fri Jan 11

From New York to New Mexico and across the dependent plains, welfare recipients are getting sauced on the public dime. Drunk, besotted, bombed. But while politicians pay lip service to cutting government waste, fraud and abuse, they're doing very little in practice to stop the EBT party excesses. Where's the compassion for taxpayers? ... more