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Three faculty members walked out of the Louisiana Tech University commencement ceremony Saturday to show their disdain for alumnus Phil Robertson. Students in the Louisiana Tech's LGBTQ organization, Prism, sparked the idea via social media. ... more

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Our coins say it--"In God We Trust." But surveys indicate that fewer and fewer Americans actually put their trust in God. For many, God seems to get in the way. To some, God and his commandments are the creation of an archaic Judeo-Christian belief system that just impedes needed cultural transformation. ... more

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I took the day yesterday to walk the dozen miles of the SHOT Show floor, my feet hurt in places I wasn't aware they could, and I stopped by the Mossberg booth to check out the new line of Duck Commander firearms created in partnership with the Robertson family from the hit show Duck Dynasty. ... more

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The family starring in the hit A&E television show Duck Dynasty has partnered with gun company Mossberg to launch their own collection of shotguns and semi-automatic firearms. ... more

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Not everyone is as intolerant as GLAAD... ... more / - Sun Dec 29

Not everyone is as intolerant as GLAAD... ... more

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In the wake of the controversial and unpopular news to suspend Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, in the wake of his religious remarks to GQ Magazine, the A&E television network has announced that Duck Dynasty will resume filming and airing the popular TV show in 2014. ... more