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She tried to pass it off as a baby bump, but Canadian traveler Tabitha Leah Ritchie was actually carrying more than four pounds of cocaine in her latex belly. ... more

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Fifty-year-old Daniel Ricketts was killed on Saturday after drunkenly driving his ATV into a piano wire trap that he had set up to protect his marijuana plants in rural Upstate New York. ... more

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Another issue no one seems to be talking about... ... more

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Daniel J. Mitchell - Tue Apr 30

Some politicians want a 30 percent special tax on marijuana, which is on top of the regular taxes that would be imposed. That would be fine with me – if the proposal specified that the additional tax revenue was offset by a tax cut of equal size. But as I explained in my “starve-the-beast” post, higher taxes usually finance bigger government. ... more

Bill O'Reilly - Sat Apr 13

As this column has been reporting, there is a growing movement in America to "reform" the nation's tough laws against drug dealing. The pressure is coming primarily from liberal and libertarian groups who see the use of narcotics as a personal choice, something that freedom should allow. ... more