Drudge Report on Townhall

Walter E. Williams - Wed Aug 13

Michael Brown - Fri Mar 8

The news line on Drudge Report immediately got my attention: Girl Born Without Eyes or Nose. But when I clicked on the link, expecting to read about a just-born, severely handicapped baby, I found a very different story, a story about a courageous teenager with an amazing attitude to life. One simple quote from her said it all. ... more

America - Thu Dec 13

"They are baiting, you know, playing to the least of these folks who still harbor some of the worst prejudices and the most vicious and maligning stereotypes about people like me," panelist Goldie Taylor says. ... more

America - Wed Oct 3

Rachel Maddow criticizes conservative media for using the race card to analyze the recently released Obama speech from 2007. ... more

Austin Bay - Wed Sep 26

The headlines, in Drudge jolt order: (1) Panetta: New Asia Focus Not Aimed to Contain China ... (2) Chinese General: Prepare for Combat With Japan ... (3) Beijing hints at bond attack on Japan ...The common theme is obvious: a looming, perhaps immediate, conflict in Asia pitting Japan against China, with the U.S. backing Japan. ... more

Matt Barber - Fri Jan 27

You’re being manipulated. A well respected, highly influential news source has cast aside all journalistic integrity to shill for the liberal, GOP establishment candidate in this presidential race. ... more