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Donald Lambro - Wed Oct 31

The bleak truth about the comatose Obama economy is not just that it's barely breathing, but that it's still not far from another recession. ... more Staff - Mon Apr 30

Jack Bouroudjian - Mon Oct 24

But as I told my pastor at our church’s finance committee meeting the other day, when it comes to the market, there’s no hoping, wishing or praying allowed. You have to watch what’s happening and react to it. ... more

Craig Steiner - Wed Sep 7

The only change since September 2008 is that things have gotten worse. Our federal government is closer to bankruptcy, as are many of our states, counties, and cities. ... more

Mike Needham - Mon Aug 29

With fears of a double-dip recession growing, Americans are saving more and spending less. Economic uncertainty and stagnant wages are a bad combination for American families. ... more

Rich Galen - Fri Aug 26

Just went through a 5.9 earthquake. We who live along the Potomac River are on flood watch. The Libyans can't find Moammar Gaddhafi and, more important, don't have any idea how to run the country even if they do. And, Hurricane Irene is taking dead aim at the Eastern coast of the United States. ... more

New York, NY - Mon Aug 22

It’s ludicrous to talk about no danger of a double dip in a weak, post-crisis recovery. You’ve got to be alert for that possibility.” ... more

Washington DC - Tue Aug 9

Larry Summers says 1 in 3 chance we will fall into another recession. ... more

Jack Bouroudjian - Fri Aug 5

Michael Reagan - Fri Jun 17

Liberals, wake up! Barack Obama is a disaster. He is dragging you and the nation down as he attempts to impose his Euro-Marxist agenda on the United States. Rep. Bachmann was right on when she told him, "You are a one-term president." ... more