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This week marks the debut of former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s memoir entitled In My Time. Cheney has helped pump up interest in his volume, promising that it will stir up a hornet’s nest in Washington and among the chattering classes, at large. Some commentators, most of whom have not yet read the tome, are accusing Cheney of settling old scores and answering his critics, instead of offering a substantive contribution to the historical literature of the Bush Presidency. ... more

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One thing on which there seems to have been agreement during the monthlong debate about how the United States should respond to the uprisings in the Middle East -- in particular to the anti-Moammar Gadhafi rebels in Libya -- is that we must not act unilaterally. ... more

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It looks like 2/11/11 will go down in history with 11/9/89, not 6/4/89. 6/4/89 is when the Chinese military obeyed orders to massacre protesters in Tiananmen Square; 11/9/89 is when East German leaders announced the opening of the Berlin Wall and declined to order border guards to shoot the Berliners who began dismantling the barrier that had stood for 28 years. ... more