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Cal Thomas - Tue Mar 12

Given his track record on marital fidelity, former President Bill Clinton is not the person I would consult about "committed, loving relationships." Clinton used those words in a Washington Post op-ed last week, urging the Supreme Court to overturn the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines marriage as the legal union of one man and one woman, which he signed into law. ... more

Michael Brown - Mon Mar 11

Dear Mr. Clinton, with all respect to the office of the president which you held for 8 years, I must say that is not just ironic that you are now asking the Supreme Court to overturn the legislation you signed into law 17 years ago. It is downright tragic. ... more

Terry Jeffrey - Wed Feb 20

The ultimate purpose of the U.S. military is simple: Defend the God-given liberty of Americans. Yet today we have a president who is using his power as commander in chief to wage war against the moral truth that makes liberty possible. ... more

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. - Mon Feb 18

Homosexual activists achieved historic gains in the November 2012 election in the states of Washington, Maine and Maryland. These three notoriously liberal states passed laws extending marriage benefits to homosexual relationships by four to six percentage points. But will these legal victories ultimately deny them the sweeping Supreme Court decision they long for? ... more

Jackie Gingrich Cushman - Thu Dec 13

The current conundrum regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage is what happens when church and state are mixed -- the topics become confusing and confused. ... more

Jacob Sullum - Wed Dec 12

Last Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed for the first time to take on the issue of gay marriage. No matter how it rules in the two cases it will hear next spring, polling data suggest it is only a matter of time before legal recognition of same-sex unions is the norm throughout the country. ... more

Oliver North - Fri Feb 10

"We don't need you, so shut up!" That's the message the Obama administration has sent loud and clear to America's Roman Catholics. ... more

Terry Jeffrey - Wed Sep 28

When Thomas More was in the Tower of London waiting to be tried for refusing to take an oath that claimed Henry VIII was the supreme authority over the church in England, he explained to one of his daughters why it did not matter to him if almost every other man in England was willing to take that oath. ... more

Robert Knight - Tue Jul 12

When Tim Geithner whipped out his pocket Constitution in May to address the debt ceiling issue, the rivers in Hades must have been packed with ice skaters. ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Sun May 1

On April 25, gay-rights advocates -- led by the Human Rights Campaign -- scored a victory after the HRC applied pressure on a law firm hired to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as a union between a man and woman and denies federal benefits to same-sex partners. ... more

Ken Klukowski - Tue Apr 26

A major law firm has caved to pressure from militant homosexual activists, and one of America’s top Supreme Court lawyers resigned from that firm rather than abandon principle. That lawyer is former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement, and this is a story that everyone who values the rule of law needs to understand. ... more

Baptist Press - Tue Apr 19

NEWS BRIEFS: House chooses high-profile attorney to defend DOMA ... more

Ed Feulner - Thu Mar 10

It was never an easy relationship. For a while, though, the Defense of Marriage Act and the Obama administration managed to live together. ... more

Ken Connor - Sun Mar 6

During his campaign, Candidate Barack Obama repeatedly cited his opposition to same sex marriage. On the Human Rights Campaign's 2008 Presidential Survey, he stated, "I do not support gay marriage. Marriage has religious and social connotations, and I consider marriage to be between a man and a woman." ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue Mar 1

President Obama has said his view of same-sex "marriage" is "evolving." Apparently he thinks that the law should be based on a kind of Darwinian jurisprudence which allows it to "evolve" and become whatever the ruling politicians at a given moment say it is (or isn't). ... more

Janice Shaw Crouse - Mon Feb 28

The wording of Obama's surprise DOMA reversal announcement suggests that the decision is another instance of this president’s politicizing the administration of justice. ... more

Steve Chapman - Sun Feb 27

President Barack Obama has been denounced by Republicans for asserting federal power at the expense of state sovereignty. But last week, he was denounced by Republicans for ... not asserting federal power at the expense of state sovereignty. ... more

Janet M. LaRue - Fri Feb 25

President Obama, the self-proclaimed “constitutional scholar,” along with the nation’s top lawyer, Attorney General Eric Holder, announced Wednesday that they couldn’t come up with a “reasonable” argument for limiting marriage to a man and a woman as God, Congress, state legislatures, and the majority of voters intend. ... more

David Limbaugh - Fri Feb 25

President Obama's brazenly calculated move to unilaterally abandon the federal Defense of Marriage Act showcases his attitude that he is above the law. ... more