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Neal Boortz - Fri Feb 15

Before this column is done I’m going to make a point on federal spending that really should open your eyes. Actually, you will think that it’s so basic and simple that it’s a wonder nobody has presented it to you in this manner before! ... more

Larry Kudlow - Tue Feb 12

To suggest that this is inflationary is a complete fantasy. It is aimed at stopping deflation. Over the past three years, nominal GDP in Japan has been roughly flat. In other words, total spending for the economy has been nil. ... more

Bill Tatro - Tue Feb 12

Surely, with all this drama, the death of the dollar was, or is, imminent. ... more

Chris Poindexter - Wed Nov 28

We can expect recovery in the U.S. to remain slow and steady but equally uneven, which is why I’m scratching my head over why people seem so anxious to jump back into the real estate market. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Tue Nov 6

Once again we are seeing articles and research papers stating the Chinese renminbi (yuan) is about to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency. ... more

Chris Poindexter - Thu Oct 11

It’s bad enough we have to accept fiat currency backed by nothing but the government’s promise to pay, but then to be chained to a system for moving it around that was designed a hundred years ago was an eye-opening reminder that our system of currency really is shockingly primitive. ... more

Reuters News - Fri Oct 5

Chris Poindexter - Thu Oct 4

When your money is moving it’s good for Wall Street, but not necessarily good for you. That observation is at the crux of my personal problem with equity investments and the U.S. economy in general. ... more

Charles Payne - Thu Aug 30

By this point in the recovery, our jobs market should resemble the stock market, and if the right policies were in place, the jobs market would mirror the share rebound in Dollar Thrifty. ... more

Terry Jeffrey - Wed Aug 29

President Barack Obama has such ill-advised contempt for the intelligence of American taxpayers that he has become an habitual liar when talking about his plans to deal with a national debt that will imminently top $16 trillion. ... more

Chris Poindexter - Fri May 25

The European Central Bank and finance ministers are telling member states to start preparing for a Greek exit from the euro. The idea now is to prevent a domino effect from triggering more countries to leave. ... more

Chris Poindexter - Thu May 24

The Greek contagion continues to weigh on the euro, giving strength to the dollar which knocks the legs out from under commodity prices. Besides gold and silver, copper, platinum, palladium, and crude oil are all lower. ... more

Chris Poindexter - Fri May 18

The run on European banks continues only it’s not just Greek bank customers withdrawing euros, but also customers of Bankia SA in Spain who have pulled out over a billion euros in just under a week. ... more