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Carl Horowitz - Sat Oct 22

As Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have gone national and now global, observers are taking note of the prominent role of labor unions in this anti-business crusade. The rote denunciations of “corporate greed” at these events could be lifted from almost any AFL-CIO convention speech. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Fri Oct 21

Roubinbi served as a senior economist for international affairs at the Council of Economic Advisers under the Clinton administration, and he spent a year working as lead adviser to Timothy Geithner, who was then undersecretary for international affairs. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Tue Oct 18

Government is not the answer nor are Keynesian makeshift work programs that will hire a few union workers at monstrous costs, fixing little. We need to fix structural problems. ... more

AP News - Mon Oct 17

Mike Shedlock - Fri Oct 7

How dark will social mood become? I don't know, nor does anyone else. Much depends on protectionism, tariffs, and other misguided policy decisions by Congress and the Fed. ... more