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Michael Schaus - Mon Aug 18

Charles Payne - Thu Jun 26

Mona Charen - Fri Nov 2

Barack Obama isn't the first candidate to go ugly in search of votes -- but he may well be the first whose reputation for high-mindedness seems not to have been the least bit dented by his bottom feeding. ... more

Robert Knight - Wed Aug 15

Public figures’ records are fair game in political campaigns. It’s not “mudslinging” unless it’s untrue or employs “derogatory personal slurs” (Living Webster Dictionary). ... more

Susan Brown - Wed Aug 15

Liberals have taken Chicago politics to a whole new level this campaign cycle with baseless accusations suggesting their opponents are unsympathetic, money-grubbing extremists who will feed your grandmother cat food and steal her Medicare benefits and Social Security check before they push her backwards off a cliff without a blindfold. ... more

Chillicothe, OH - Wed Aug 15

Romney blasted Obama's dirty campaigning at a rally in Ohio yesterday. ... more

Bruce Bialosky - Mon Aug 13

Since the beginning of our current political and cultural environment during the term of Barrack Obama we’ve heard many references to his political mentor, Saul Alinsky. For years, people have described how profoundly Alinsky has influenced Obama and his team. I finally concluded that it was time to sacrifice myself on behalf of the readers of this column and buy Alinsky’s book (Rules for Radicals), and then report back exactly what Alinsky has to say. ... more

Mona Charen - Fri Aug 10

We have reached a point in the 2012 campaign when you long for a referee -- someone with a whistle to call foul and declare that one side has so discredited itself that it must forfeit points or be otherwise disqualified. ... more

Pat Buchanan - Fri Aug 10

This week, the friends of Barack Obama introduced into the political battle of 2012 the moral equivalent of poison gas. In an ad produced by the super PAC Priorities USA, Mitt Romney is charged with moral, if not material, complicity in the cancer death of the wife of a Missouri steelworker. ... more